2019 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Box

2019 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Box

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Jumbo Configuration:
 32 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 8 boxes per case

2019 Bowman Baseball Hobby Jumbo Box Break

  • 3 Autographs

2019 Bowman Baseball Base

Spreading the coverage to MLB veterans, rookies and prospects, the 2019 Bowman Baseball checklist offers a base set with eight paper parallels, including Purple and the Hobby-exclusive Orange.

Adding another option, the Bowman Chrome Prospects line features a whopping 18 Refractor parallels. Among the choices are Blue Shimmer and the all-new Speckle versions.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 3

2019 Bowman Baseball Inserts

2019 Bowman Baseball also features multiple insert sets. While the name hardly rolls off the tongue, 30th Anniversary of the Return of Bowman looks back to the 1989 design but for current players. Ready for the Show predicts the top prospects soon to make a splash in the big leagues. Both of these have exclusive Orange Refractor parallels in Hobby boxes.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 4

Spotting the ROY standouts, Rookie of the Year Favorites focuses on the names that might earn hardware after the season. These have new Atomic Refractors. Collectors can also find Bowman Scouts' Top 100 and Talent Pipeline inserts, each with six parallels.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 5

Finally, a new year of the set-within-a-set insert kicks off via Hobby-only 2019 Bowman Sterling Continuity.

2019 Bowman Baseball Autographs

However, the key chase in the 2019 Bowman Baseball checklist comes from the on-card Chrome Prospect Autograph lineup. Among the 14 Refractor parallels are Goldcards and the debut Speckle editions.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 6

RC players earn similar treatment in the hard-signed Chrome Rookie Autograph set. Collectors must track down eight parallels, not including the plates, to complete the rainbow.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 7

Additional 2019 Bowman Baseball autographs come in 2019 Bowman Sterling Continuity Autographs, All-American Game Autographs, Dual Bowman Chrome Prospect AutographsROY Favorites Autographs, and six-panel Ultimate Autograph Book cards with 24 signatures, plus 1989 Bowman Buyback Autographs.

2019 Bowman Baseball Cards 8